How to install the BlessedGiver™ web app

Quick instructions:

  1. Browse to on your mobile device
  2. Choose the "Add to Home Screen" option
    • The location of this option depends upon your mobile device and browser. For example:
    • Safari on iOS has it under the "Share" menu (the box with the up-arrow) at the bottom-center of the browser window.
    • Firefox on Android has it under the three-dots menu at the top-right of the browser window.
  3. The BlessedGiver™ icon will now appear as an app on your device.

The Progressive Web App Approach

BlessedGiver™ is designed as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Put simply, this means that the app always runs on our server. Therefore, the only thing that needs to be installed on your device is a link (aka shortcut) to our online app. BlessedGiver can then be launched just like a native app, and moved on your device's home screen however you prefer.

Some of the many benefits to this approach are:

  • Our "app" uses almost no space on your mobile device.
  • Once installed, our app never needs to be updated.
  • If you lose or replace your device, none of your BlessedGiver™ data is lost.